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Free Ship! PHX sells a variety of lights, such as project lighting, antique style lighting fixture styles, and modern lighting fixtures for home installation.

The right lights can truly transform the appearance of a space. Whether you are in the midst of a major renovation or you are simply trying to spruce up one room of your house, PHX is sure to be the right place for you! We offer our customers a wide range of lights, from project lighting options to antique style lighting fixture models to modern lighting fixtures for home use. Our buyers work hard to stock styles that will fit all sorts of tastes; different pieces of our collection will look great in ultramodern houses or in rustic abodes. If you have hired an interior decorator to help you, make sure to tell him or her about PHX Lighting Shop. We offer affordable prices that allow our customers to spend less and get more!

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Item Name Date Expected
ATTIC 05-7388 Aluminium pendant 19121 06/17/2019
ATTIC Aluminium pendant 19117 06/17/2019
MDD CANOE Plexiglass pendant 19115 06/17/2019
LEDS C4 ATTIC 00-7392 Aluminium pendant 19120 06/17/2019
LEDS C4 ATTIC 05-7389 Aluminium pendant 19119 06/17/2019
LEDS C4 ATTIC 00-7397 Aluminium pendant 19118 06/17/2019
Fabella Porcelain Pandent 19116 06/17/2019